Kvalitetsgruppen has since 1997 helped small businesses in Sweden to achieve ISO compliance and get an ISO certificate. To our help we have developed a software called Quality Works. The software was the foundation for the company and as it was launched as an alternative to traditional ISO consultants.

International partners and consultants

Although we are currently not marketing internationally, we would like to find partners and businesses opportunities abroad, for our software Quality Works. We use the software as tool when implementing ISO management system for our customers, and the method we are using has been very successful.

Consultants who are looking for an ISO implementation software are welcome to contact us for more information and a discussion on the matters.


We have been working with over 600 Swedish companies over the years. Most of these are small businesses with 1-25 employees. This fits our goal to make ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 more eligible to all companies and above all, more affordable.


During the years we have also been helping businesses in Norway, Denmark and Finland with ISO management systems.

Quality Works

From the start of 2013 Quality Works is available in English and for the international market.

Visit our page for Quality Works software - implement management system with an ISO compliance software.

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